Carousel Interiors was started 15 years ago by Parisian native Karine Valleix who has a passion about anything vintage. Karine was raised on a steady diet of brie & baguette in a traditional French family. She developed her love for fine furniture over the years & she learned from the best Auctioneers in Sydney after emigrating how to pick trends & even on occasion start them! Karine blames her furniture obsession on being raised on a tight budget where everything that came into the home was second hand, recycled, or as is said these days UP-cycled. Dissatisfied with disposable flat pack furniture ecosystem, her parents would scour though other peoples junk to call it their tressure to bring home. Karine became a bit of a retro-vintage-industrial-furniture-snob, but thinks that everyone should be along for the furniture ride, so it’s really more of an egalitarian snobbery.


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